Saturday, January 21, 2012


hii!!! arini sgt bhusan!!!!
so sbb xde keja.. sye mengodek2 blog.. ubah skit.. bowink la layout lme tuh.. 
so this is the fresh and new layout for new year.. 
so, H@pPy New YeaR!!!!!!

hahaha.. actually, im not in good mood..im blogging and blogwalking today just to distract my mind for over-thinking /overreacting..hahaha... i think tat, i will lost my best fren, she just receive job offer.. so sad...
she will leave me. and i have to survive by myself... 
OMG..InsyAllah hope everything will be fine..

dah..dah..kalau layan ati nie..mau menangis nanti.. anyway..perut dah lapar..time for lunch..

to: huda, leen, pae and etc...tolong la update blog... busan wei...blogging sorang..cm syok sndri jer...

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